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At Allied Care & Co, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care and support to our clients through our unwavering commitment to excellence. We continuously strive to enhance our mobile allied health services to better serve our clients and local communities through a multidisciplinary model of care. With a culture of continuous improvement, we ensure that our clinical care and support are always evidence-based and of the highest quality, leaving no one behind in our pursuit of excellence.

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We understand the importance of delivering exceptional mobile Allied Health Services to the people of Australia, especially for our older Australians and those living with disabilities.


Our mission is to help individuals achieve a better quality of life and well-being by promoting independence, inclusivity, and exceeding participant expectations. We take pride in our comprehensive, client-centric approach that meets all legislative and regulatory requirements.


We are committed to providing support that genuinely cares for our participants' needs and empowers them to live their lives to the fullest.


At Allied Care & Co, our vision is to be one of the leading providers of mobile allied health services in Australia, committed to earning the trust of those we serve. Our aim is to be a dependable partner, offering tailored and innovative care that enriches the lives of our clients.

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